Monday, April 23, 2012

World Book Night

Fresh Out of the Box Books!
Today is World Book Night, a movement to get reluctant or non-readers a book.  Started in the UK and Ireland, this is the first time it has happened in the United States.  One had to apply to be a giver and chose from 30 popular titles to hand out to readers who might not otherwise have access to books.  

Allison Fuelling, Biology Teacher, had a personal connection to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.  She had actually done experiments on Lacks’ cells.  She promoted the book earlier in the year, so I knew that she had to be a giver.  She applied and was able to give away copies.  She loves that she is able to promote biology and non-fiction reading! 

The Happy Faces of Book Receiving Students
As is well established on this blog (here and here), I love how The Hunger Games inspires students to read.  So many of my “non-readers” have requested this book, and it’s hard to keep it on the shelves.  That is why I requested to give The Hunger Games.  

The atmosphere at school today is very exciting.  Students want copies of these books and are so happy when they receive them.  You can sign up to receive information about the next World Book Night here.  It was very easy to apply to be a giver; all it took was some basic information and a short paragraph about how you could reach non-readers. Those that were selected (everyone that I know who applied was selected) chose a nearby location (book store, public library) to pick up their books. It is my hope that all of the teachers at MHS can become givers and we can make it a huge event at school.  

Thank you to all of the sponsors of World Book Night and to all who helped organized it.  A special thank you to the East Towne Mall Barnes and Noble for specially delivering the books to school after a mix up at the store.  See more pictures from the day on the MHS Library Facebook Page. Giving away books to kids is so much fun; I wish I could do this everyday!!

Mrs. Fuelling's Promotional Display 

Promotional Library Poster made by Nate

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