Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hunger Games Field Trip Success!

The students and I had a wonderful time on The Hunger Games Movie Field Trip (details on trip can be found here).  A countdown was started on Thursday and told to me during every passing period.  We had a trivia game on the bus on the way to the theater thanks to @hmz1505.

When we arrived at Marcus Eastgate Cinema, the had our school name on the marquee.  This just heighten our students' excitement.  The management took very good care of us, and I would definitely work them again.

My Co-Conspiterater and I are already coming up with ideas for what to do to go to Catching Fire (in 18 long months).

Images are my own of The Hunger Games trading cards.

My favorite part of they day is when two of the boys asked if we had the next books in the series.  I smiled and said, "OF COURSE!" And they checked them out that day.  I love when kids are excited about reading. 

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