Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tech Fair for Digital Learning Day

Nate and Hannah are getting ready
to present how they used a Wiki
in Spanish Class
 Marshall Public Schools celebrated Digital Learning Day on Feb. 13, 2012 with a community Tech Fair.  The District Technology Committee took the lead to organize this event, and many teachers from across the district volunteered their time to facilitate sessions.  The goal was to show parents and the community how students are using technology to learn and what could happen with more technology in the hands of students.  

Digital Valentines
created by OurClass223
To draw more community members to the Tech Fair, the High School chapter of FCCLA hosted a Chili Supper and the PTA had a bake sale with the proceeds going to the technology fund.

My favorite part was seeing the students share how they love technology and how they use it to help them learn.  Ms. Price’s fourth graders were so proud of their digital valentines (pictured) and were excited to show their audience how to use QR Codes. It was also great to see parents use some of this technology for the first time. Many of our parents have never before seen an iPads in person, and this was their first opportunity to touch and use one. Kids were showing them how to use the apps that they use in the classroom.  
Below is the flyer that was sent to the community with the details of each session.  Things I would do differently next year would be to have more digital promotion.  I also would have the “Parents Play Area” have more focus with specific apps or activities rather than just letting them “play.” It needed to have more structure and supervision and was logistically challenging.  The most successful was having students share their knowledge. This has the potential to become an annual event.

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