Monday, February 6, 2012

The Hunger Games Field Trip

This school year has seen several popular novels turned into films.  From Harry Potter and Twilight to The Help and The Hunger Games, these films lead some reluctant readers into the books.   Such is the case with my students and The Hunger Games.  The series is very popular and hard to keep on the shelves.  I knew that my students wanted to see the movie, so I came up with this idea that we should make it a whole school outing. This also allowed me to collaborate with one of the English Teachers for promotion. Here are the Field Trip details:

I have a lot of hope that director Gary Ross is going to get things right.  Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, my students and I have been closely following the production.  EW did such a wonderful job featuring several articles about the process and interviews with the director that we high expectations.

While this field trip is not tied to a specific curriculum, it embodies everything we want our students able to do in the real world.  First, we want them to read for pleasure and for the adventure.  Second, the paper asks for their analysis and expectations of the film maker’s interpretations.  Third, after you read a book or see a movie, you should talk about it with others.  The students are excited, and I can’t wait to see their reactions and have the discussions.

Like many librarians, teachers, and young adults across the nation, I enjoy The Hunger Games trilogy.  It’s packed with adventure with just enough romance to keep a girl interested.  It is incredibly easy to recommend these novels for any gender.

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  1. This is brilliant! Great job! Signed another Hunger Games and education fan


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